Early Math

Early Math

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Play with Patterns at a Storytime Near You

Early math skills develop in surprising ways, even as you sing and read with your child. Library storytime programs are a great place to experience rhymes, movement activities, songs, and stories, all of which offer fun ways to play with patterns, an important early math concept. 

Storytime is designed for children ages 0 – 5. Click below for a complete list of locations and times. 

About Early Math

By talking and playing with your young child you help them build early math skills. 

Early math includes exploring numbers and counting, but also comparing and sorting objects, finding patterns, and learning about shapes. Math skills develop for young children best by playing and talking with your child using the language you know best. Early math skills develop everywhere for young children: at home, at the park, while enjoying a snack, reading a book, or shopping at the grocery store. 

Math learning starts at birth and studies have shown that helping your child build a strong foundation in early math before they start school will contribute to their later success in not just math, but also, importantly, learning to read. 

Sacramento Public Library’s Early Math Initiative provides a variety of resources and events to support early math learning. Find out more below. 

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