Sensory Services

Where noise and other behaviors are accepted.

We understand that public outings can be challenging when you have a child with a sensory or cognitive disorder. You’re often — if not always — concerned about how their environment impacts them. You don’t have to worry about that at the Library. We’ve designed programs that welcome your child to be who they are.
  • Enter a welcoming space where your child’s needs are met
  • Start with storytime and end with a movie
  • Bring anyone or everyone in the family, and friends

Sensory Storytime
Noise and other behaviors are understood and accepted at these special monthly storytimes for kids with autism, cognitive and/or physical differences. Siblings are welcome and networking with other parents and caregivers is available.

Sensory Friendly Family Movies
Enjoy our monthly family movie events for kids with autism, cognitive and/or physical differences. Toddlers and preschoolers without autism are welcome too. Lights will be slightly up, the sound will be slightly down, and kids can enjoy the movie from their seat, moving about the room or wherever they’re comfortable.

Virtual Sensory Storytime
Sensory Storytimes are now online and accessible to families at home. Each online Sensory Storytime is presented in short videos to make the program more adaptable to individual needs and includes an opening song, a movement rhyme, a musical activity, a story, a sensory activity and a closing song. Families will select the videos that best meet their needs and can view them in any order they want.
Have Questions?
How do you develop your sensory programming?

We have firsthand and familial experience with disabilities and bring that into the development of our programming and how we interact with our patrons.

What if my child becomes overstimulated while at a program?

We ask that you use the tactics that you use at home, whether that’s providing comfort points such as noise-cancelling headphones or leaving the program early. The room is yours and we understand that the response from your child can change during the course of the program.

Do you have books on raising a sensory child?

We do. Visit any of our libraries and our staff can help you find what you’re looking for or you can view what’s available in our catalog to pick up an item today or as soon as it becomes available.

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