Sensory Inclusive Services

Get access to sensory programs from home

The library strives to make all programming sensory inclusive; we encourage our staff to create awareness and options for sensory needs. As the library continues to learn and grow in accessibility, we hope our community will continue to share ideas, needs, and feedback. 

Virtual Sensory Storytime
Sensory Storytimes are now online and accessible to families at home. Each online Sensory Storytime is presented in short videos to make the program more adaptable to individual needs and includes an opening song, a movement rhyme, a musical activity, a story, a sensory activity and a closing song. Families will select the videos that best meet their needs and can view them in any order they want.
Have Questions?
How do you develop your sensory programming?

Our sensory programming is developed by our librarians, and is periodically reviewed by the Sacramento Public Library Equity Committee.

What if adults or youth become overstimulated while at a library program?

We encourage patrons to use the tactics that make them feel comfortable. For example: fidgets, noise-cancelling headphones, or leaving the program early. We understand that responses can change during the course of the program.

Do you have book recommendations?

Yes, we have books including neurodiversity topics and characters. You can check out our staff-curated booklists for adults, teens, and children. Our collection offers digital, physical, and audiobook options.

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