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AtoZ Databases
Find business and residential contact information, create mailing lists and visuals for marketing and sales leads, and start your next job search.

Consumer Reports
Reliable and unbiased reviews and guides on products to make you more informed before your next purchase. Consumer Reports gives you easy-to-read information on anything you would want to buy, so you make a great choice, the first time. Access new buyer’s guides to give you the rundown on appliances, cars, health products, electronics and home and garden equipment.

Entrepreneurial Studies Source
Covers the latest insights in entrepreneurship and small business ownership. Also offers hundreds of full-text journals and books, plus company profiles and videos.

Legal Information Source
Offers tools and instructions covering a wide range of legal issues. Includes full-text Nolo legal guides and state-specific legal forms.

Sacramento Business Journal
Stay current on the latest news and developments impacting the business community in the Sacramento region. Includes the Business Journal's annual Book of Lists.

Small Business Source
Includes popular small business reference books, help in creating business plans, and other tools to address all aspects of starting and  running a successful small business.

Whether you’re a beginning investor or a veteran looking for high-impact ideas, Value Line can position you for financial success quickly and easily. Get investment ratings, research, statistics and forecasts for thousands of stocks and mutual funds.

Wall Street Journal
Access the Wall Street Journal from anywhere! Simply create your account and you can start reading immediately. Your access will be available for the next 3 days. After 3 days, simply come back and click the above link again and login as an existing user with the same username and password you originally created. Please note that patrons not permitted to share the sign-on credentials with any other person whatsoever.

Weiss Financial Ratings
Online listing of the trusted Weiss guides to stocks, mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs), banks, credit unions and insurance companies. Also contains the valuable Medigap tool detailing Medicare supplemental insurance options and Financial Literacy Basics guides about budgeting, paying off student loans, opening bank and investement accounts, and other key finanical skills.