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Only half of Sacramento 3rd-graders can read at grade level.*

Many of us have fond memories of visiting the library or bedtime stories with loved ones. But for many in our community, this isn’t a fond memory because it isn’t a memory at all. With Book First, we're working to change that.

  • Partnership with the Friends of the Sacramento Public Library
  • Funded through gifts given on the annual Big Day of Giving
  • More than 46,000 students in Sacramento County have received a book since 2016

What is Book First?
Book First is giving beginning readers in our highest need schools a free book thanks to support from the Friends of the Sacramento Public Library. Started in 2016, our Book First program provides a free book to first-grade students throughout Sacramento County at publicly funded schools with a 50% or higher free- or reduced-price school lunch eligibility.​
What can one book do?
That one book sets off sparks of excitement and joy, an almost disbelief that this small treasure is theirs to keep forever. As students bask in that excitement, we know what that one book can really do — positively impact their future academic growth and job attainment. **

CAASPP ELA/Literacy Results for All Achievement Levels by Selected Grade
** Science Says: A Book-Filled Home Has Benefits Beyond Reading for Kids

Have Questions?
How can I support Book First?

You can make a donation to the Friends of Sacramento Public Library, designating the funds for Book First in the special instructions. 

Who are the Friends?

The Friends of the Sacramento Public Library is a volunteer helpmate of the library. As a membership-supported nonprofit, they advocate, raise funds and provide crucial support to help us do our work.

When is the Big Day of Giving?

The Big Day of Giving historically has been held in May of each year. Learn more about the next one by following the Sacramento Community Regional Foundation.

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