Storytimes & Stay and Play

Talk · sing · read · write · play in action.

Storytime & stay and play brings kids ages 0-5 together to learn by just being a kid. Each provides a rich environment filled with language, movement, and social interactions and are designed to help parents and caregivers take what they learn home.

  • Come and make noise, make a mess, and learn with us — without judgment
  • Meet kids and families from your community and specialists in early learning
  • Discover evidence-based practices about how children learn to help guide them to their potential


Baby Storytime
A child’s brain grows to 80% of what it will be as an adult in their first three years. Baby storytime helps lay the foundation for lifelong learning with songs, rhymes, fingerplays and stories designed just for them. Join us to help your little one start their early learning adventure. Talk · Sing · Read · Write · Play | Birth to 24 mos.

Toddler Storytime
Children learn language by listening to others talk. Toddler storytime helps them learn how language sounds, adds vocabulary to their growing word bank and helps them begin to understand what words mean. Help your child get to their first words by joining us. Talk · Sing · Read · Write · Play | 18 mos. to 3 years

Preschool Storytime
Children need to hear a lot of words to become readers. Preschool storytime helps them learn pre-reading skills with activities that can include crafts, process-based art, STEM and play. Join us to get your child ready for school and ready to read. Talk · Sing · Read · Write · Play | 3 to 5 years

Family Storytime
Reading together increases vocabulary. Family storytime brings toddlers and preschoolers together with their parents and/or caregivers to build on those early learning foundations to develop pre-reading skills and a joy of reading that will last a lifetime. Talk · Sing · Read · Write · Play | Birth to 6 years

Talk, sing, read, write, and play with us. Enjoy fun stories, songs, rhymes, and movement in English, Spanish and Russian. Talk · Sing · Read · Write · Play | 1 - 5 years

Stay and Play

Baby Play
Play helps children express themselves and put thoughts into words. At Baby Play you can help them discover the world around them at play stations designed for babies. Join us at this playgroup where you can meet fellow parents or caregivers and your baby can meet new friends. Talk · Sing · Read · Write · Play | Birth to 24 mos.

Stay and Play
Play helps children learn that spoken and written words can stand for real objects and experiences. Stay and Play brings them together with other babies and toddlers for a playgroup focused on developmental play while you enjoy the company of other parents with kids the same age. Talk · Sing · Read · Write · Play | Age range varies by program and location
Have Questions?
Do I need to sign up for storytime & stay and play?

You do not need to sign up. We offer more than 200 storytimes each month and you’re welcome to join us at any location for any storytime, as well as, stay and play.

How can I make the most of storytime & stay and play with my child?

The space we offer for storytime is for you and your child. We get it — sometimes our kids act like loud jellyfish. Most of us are parents too and we want you to know that all behavior is acceptable. There are no standards that your child has to meet. They can move around. They can make noise. We know that is how they discover.

Can I bring my child’s sibling even if they are a different age?

Yes. Each storytime is designed for the age noted, but siblings are welcome to attend and take part in the activities.

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