Seed Libraries

Heirloom seeds to start your own garden.

Grow a variety of herbs, ornamentals and edible plants. Save money and reduce your carbon footprint by growing nutritious food at home.

  • Learn which heirloom plants are ideally suited for Sacramento’s weather
  • Grow from non-genetically modified heirloom seeds
  • Donate seeds back to be a part of the local resourcing community
Have Questions?
Where are the seed libraries located?

The seed libraries are available at Colonial Heights, Galt-Marian O. Lawrence, Orangevale and Rio Linda libraries.

How much are the seeds?

The seed libraries are completely free of charge and available to anyone.

How can I help the seed libraries going?

Bring back heirloom seeds from what you produce to any of the seed libraries. We’ll use them to sustain a regional collection of seeds that thrive in our climate for others to enjoy.

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