English Language Learning

Improve your English speaking, reading and writing skills.

Take advantage of free language learning groups led by volunteers and online resources for you to track your progress with:

  • Online language learning software to help you learn the language of your choice
  • Supportive and friendly conversation groups for you to feel comfortable exploring new topics in your new language
  • Books and movies in many different languages for you to explore

Bluebird Languages
12 million interactive audio lessons that teach you any of 163 languages on your mobile device. Requires an Android or iOS device.

English Conversation Groups
Friendly discussion groups to help you practice English led by trained volunteers, hosted at several of our locations.

Mango Languages
Immerse yourself in another culture and study more than 70 languages

Citizenship prep and ESL curriculum in more than 50 languages
Have Questions?
Are Mango Languages and Pronunciator free?

Yes. Both services require an email address and a Library card, but are otherwise free for your language learning enjoyment.

How do I become a English conversation group facilitator?

Learn more about volunteering at the Library to become a facilitator.

How do I join an English conversation group?

Check our events calendar to find a group at your nearest branch.

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