Recommend a Title

Help curate our collection.

Request a book that we don’t have and we’ll consider adding it to our shelves.

  • Make recommendations to the library from your must-read lists
  • Never run out of something new to read

Recommend a Title
If you don’t see an item listed in our catalog, recommend it. Send us suggestions for new books, movies or video games and we’ll consider it for our collection. All you have to do is sign in with your library card and fill out a simple form. You can recommend as many as three titles at a time, up to 30 per year. 
Recommend a Title  

Request to have a book shipped directly to you house. You'll hear back from us within two weeks (depending on shipping options and availability). If your title is approved, it will be delivered straight to your door. When you’re done reading it, drop it at any of our library locations.

Have Questions?
Can I recommend anything?

You can recommend anything, but we ask that you reserve this for titles that aren’t expected to be on our shelves. For example, don’t recommend books that are landing on bestseller lists and trending in our communities. We already have those ordered.

What if the book I want to recommend isn’t published yet?

Give it some time. We can only order books that will be published within the next two months.

Can anyone use Zip Books?

The Zip Books program can be used by anyone in the Sacramento Public Library service area with a card in good standing.

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