Citizenship Resources

Start your journey to citizenship here.

Learn more about citizenship and the topics covered on the U.S. Citizenship Exam with educational tools from the Library.

  • Online practice tests with immediate feedback and detailed answer explanations
  • A variety of study materials, including study guides and DVDs
  • Friendly library staff ready to assist you in finding the information and study materials you need

Citizenship Test Preparation
Take online practice tests to prepare for the U.S Citizenship Exam. Each practice test will assess your United States history, government, and civics knowledge and show you what topics you need to focus on to improve. You will need your Library card and PIN to login.

Find extensive information about naturalization, citizenship and the exam on the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Citizenship Resource Center website.
Have Questions?
Are these study materials available in languages other than English?

We have some books and study guides available in other languages, but the online practice tests are only available in English. The U.S. Citizenship Exam includes an English language test and the civics test is also in English.

Do you have resources to help me prepare for the English portion of the citizenship exam?

Yes. Our English language learning service includes classes, conversation groups and online courses available from the Library.

Do I need a library card to access these educational tools?

Anyone may attend a program or event at the Library, including English Conversation Groups, whether or not they have a card. A Library card is needed to borrow books from the Library and to access the online study tools. A Library card is always free and you can apply online and pick up a card at your nearest library.

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