This Month in Adult Books: November 2022

Reading recommendations for adults
November 9, 2022
Featured Title
The Light Pirate by Lily Brooks-Dalton
In the not too distant future, another hurricane bears down on a Florida that is increasingly transformed by the disastrous effects of climate change. An electrical line worker heads out into the storm to find his sons while his wife gives birth at home to a daughter named after the storm, Wanda. The story continues ten years later, divided into 4 sections—power, water, light, and time—and shifting through various points of view to tell the story of an ecological crisis in one town over a generation. It’s an excellent choice for fans of books such as Station Eleven or Where the Crawdads Sings.

New & Upcoming
December is a sparse month for new releases, but don’t miss out on some of the hidden gems, like a stellar literary debut from Aanchal Malhotra at the end of the month, The Book of Everlasting Things. There’s also the do not miss re-release of My Darkest Prayer, the debut novel of one of the best crime writers out there, S.A. Crosby. November and December bring plenty of excellent new cookbooks like the long awaited Smitten Kitchen Keepers by Deb Perlman that should provide plenty of ideas for winter meals. Finally, don’t miss A Private Spy: The Letters of John LeCarre, which includes his correspondence with a wonderfully diverse group of authors, spies, artists and actors amongst others. It’s a perfect choice for fans of his work.  
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What We’re Reading
Love in the Time of Serial Killers by Alicia Thompson
Do you like true crime? Do you also like romances? This is the book for you! It’s about a woman who is so immersed in true crime (she’s doing research for her doctorate) it’s making her more than a bit suspicious of her neighbor. Is he a nice guy or is he a serial killer? Meanwhile she’s back in her home town, fixing up her father’s house for sale, reconnecting with family and friends, confronting her difficult family history, and generally undergoing a lot of emotions. A nice guy sure would come in handy right now (and let’s face it, he definitely is a nice guy because this is a rom-com!), but he’s got issues of his own and may need more than she can give. It’s a fun and original angle on the usual rom-com story and one that pulled me in despite the distractions around me.

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