This Month in Adult Books: June 2023

Reading recommendations for adults
June 8, 2023
Featured Title
Book cover with a library slip and the title at the top of the slip in red letters reading, "The Librarianist."The Librarianist by Patrick Dewitt
Retired librarian Bob Comet is an intensely introverted man who lives a solitary life in Portland, Oregon. But after encountering a lost woman in his neighborhood, he decides to volunteer at the local senior center. Over time he forms bonds with the residents and begins to share the events and experiences that, for better or for worse, made him the man he is today. His current life may seem gray and ordinary, but over the years it contained a complicated wealth of adventure and colorful characters.  It’s a melancholy and poignant character study that reminds the reader the best stories have often been lived by the people around you.

New and Upcoming Titles
June and July are full of great summer reads such as Save What’s Left by Elizabeth Castellano about a woman who moves to a small beach town after her divorce and finds a leaky shack instead of the beach cottage she expects. Sunshine Nails by Mai Nguyen is a fun debut about a Vietnamese Canadian family who will do anything to protect the family business against a new competitor.
For those looking for something more serious, One Summer in Savannah, by Terah Shelton Harris is an emotional tour de force about forgiveness and family. Little Monsters by Adrienne Brodeur is about long buried secrets and loss set on Cape Cod over the course of the summer of 2016.  
Check This Out
If you enjoyed The Covenant of Water by Abraham Verghese you might enjoy one of these readalikes.  
What We Are Reading
Book cover image of a man standing at the top of the staircase inside the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. The title in blue letters across the top reads, "All the Beauty in the World."All the Beauty in the World by Patrick Bringley (audiobook)
"This is lovely—a celebration of life and art intertwined with stories and appreciation from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting twice and I now want to go again, this time with Bringley’s voice in my ears as he describes various works of art, the galleries and the job of the museum guard. It’s a job that attracts people from a wide variety of backgrounds, making his colleagues as diverse and as interesting as the vast collection of art in the galleries. His writing is lovely, the art achingly beautiful, and his narration of it all very soothing. The book is short, but it forces you to slow down and contemplate the world around you in a new way. It’s a great palate cleanser in between longer books, or the perfect one to accompany you on a walk through nearly any setting. It would make a great recommendation for a traveler, memoir reader or art lover & fans of authors like Jenny O’Dell or Katherine May."
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