This Month in Adult Books: May 2023

Reading recommendations for adults
May 12, 2023
Featured Title
Everything’s Fine by Cecilia Rabess
When Jess lands a job on Wall Street, she is the only Black woman there, all too easily overlooked. Also on her team, Josh, a white conservative and former college foe. Despite their opposing beliefs and backgrounds, the two of them become friends and with their undeniable chemistry, inevitably sparks fly to create a genuine and fiery relationship. But as the country and political landscape shift around them in 2016, Jess must decide what she is willing to compromise and whether or not everything is indeed truly fine. This is both sharp and moving, a fascinating and discussion-worthy choice, perfect for book groups.

What's New This Month
Mysteries are perfect for summer, so why not start off your summer reading with A Disappearance in Fiji by Nilma Rao, a debut mystery about a missing persons case in 1914 Fiji featuring a young detective who’d rather be anywhere than there. My Murder by Katie Williams is an unusual mystery featuring a detective who is also the victim. She’s been brought back to life after a horrible crime, but what exactly happened to her and who can she trust?
On the nonfiction side, The Talk, a new graphic memoir by Pulitzer Prize winner Darrin Bell is an unflinching debut about life as a Black man and parent. The Art Thief by Michael Finkel is the true story of master thief Staephane Breitwieser who committed more than 200 heists across Europe over the course of a decade until it all came crashing down.
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If you enjoyed Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin
What We Are Reading
The Belle of Belgrave Square by Mimi Matthews
"This book absolutely swept me up into a wave of romantic delight. The second in the Belles of London series (start with The Siren of Sussex), this is a classic, non-explicit romance that takes a familiar story (Beauty & The Beast + a hint of Jane Eyre) and enlivens it with excellent storytelling, vivid characters, a believable relationship, and a few more modern elements (our Belle, Julia, lives with anxiety, for example). There’s a scarred soldier with secrets, a book loving heroine with a slimy suitor and even worse parents, a marriage of convenience, a crumbling estate on the Yorkshire Moors, orphaned children, and more. All the best stuff! If you’re looking for a bit of joy, you should definitely check this out!"

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