This Month in Kids Books: December 2023

Reading recommendations for kids
December 18, 2023
The highly anticipated next volume in the graphic novel version of the popular Wings of Fire series is on the way to library shelves.
Book cover of an illustration of a dragon walking through a tunnel of ice with the book title “Wings of Fire” written at the top.Wings of Fire: The Graphic Novel – Winter Turning by Tui T. Sutherland, ill. by Mike Holmes
Winter has been a disappointment to his royal IceWing family his whole life. When his sister, Icicle, runs away from Jade Mountain Academy, fleeing terrible crimes and possibly planning to commit more, Winter knows that they both need a second chance to make things right, if only he can find her.
Winter's new clawmates—Moon, Qibli, and Kinkajou—won't let him make this dangerous journey alone. They don't seem to understand that IceWings, the most superior of all dragon tribes, can fix their own problems. When their search leads the dragonets straight into Queen Scarlet's vicious talons, Winter is grateful to have some help. But even the bravest dragons can't follow him to the Ice Kingdom, where he'll have to face the greatest threat of all: his own family.
What’s New This Month
December is a great month for comics; alongside the newest dragon tale, new volumes are on the way in the equally popular Baby-Sitters Club, Click, Pizza and Taco, History Comics, and Sweet Valley Twins series. Also inbound is a new picture book autobiography from Coretta Scott King, the latest Minecraft Stonesword Saga and Middle School titles, and new books from authors like Lisa Yee, Janelle Harper, Ruth Forman, Sandra Boynton, Shauntay Grant, and more.  
What’s Hot This Month
December is a fine time to curl up and listen to a good audiobook, so make sure to check out these titles with notable narrators.  
What We’re Reading
Here are some quotes from library staff about their latest recommended picks:

Cinderella Liberator by Rebecca Solnit: “More empowering and less superficial. Talks more about secondary characters, too, and the stepsisters are treated like whole people. Yay!”
Everybody Has a Body by Molli Jackson Ehlert, ill. by Lorian Tu: “Full of illustrations that depict a range of diverse bodies, this book shows readers all the amazing things our bodies can do.”
The Pronoun Book by Chris Ayala-Kronos, ill. by Melita Tirado: “I love the simple illustrated graphics in this book—not to mention the diversity of characters in the gender spectrum.”
Witchlings by Claribel A. Ortega: “This has filled the void of middle grade fantasy, complete with witches, frogs, magic, and sorting pre-teens into their destined witch role (so much pressure to live up to!).”
The Birchbark House by Louise Erdrich: “You don’t have to be Anishinaabe to feel like this is home.”
For More Reading Suggestions: