This Month in Kids Books: July 2023

Reading recommendations for kids
July 11, 2023
The middle-grade debut from acclaimed author P. Djèlí Clark is on the way to library shelves.
Abeni’s Song by P. Djèlí Clark
On the day of the Harvest Festival, the old woman who lives in the forest appears in Abeni's village with a terrible message:
“You ignored my warnings. It’s too late to run. They are coming.”
Warriors with burning blades storm the village. A man with a cursed flute plays an impossibly alluring song. And everyone Abeni has ever known and loved is captured and marched toward far-off ghost ships set for even more distant lands. But not Abeni. Abeni is magically whisked away by the old woman. In the forest, Abeni begins her unwanted magical apprenticeship, her journey to escape the witch, and her impossible mission to bring her people home. Abeni’s Song is the beginning of a timeless, enchanting fantasy adventure about a reluctant apprentice, a team of spirit kids, and the village they set out to save.
What’s New This Month
The latest entries in the Whatever After, Mother Bruce, Dragon Masters, Minecraft, Pea Bee & Jay, and Rick Riordan Presents series are also incoming, along with new books from authors like Mitali Perkins, Gordon Korman, Christine Day, David LaRochelle, Kay Davault, Corey R. Tabor, and more.  
What’s Hot This Month
Summer Reading continues! Mark some books off your list with some of these noteworthy nonfiction titles for kids.  
What We’re Reading
Here are some quotes from library staff about their latest recommended picks:

Seen and Unseen by Elizabeth Partridge: “Fascinating look at how the perspective and goals of the photographer affect the images they capture, and what happens next when the government either approves or disapproves of the images.”
My Heart Grows by Jeffrey Burton: “The concept of this book is simple yet delightful—as the children play, learn, and break things, the love only grows. As the love grows, so do the cut-out hearts in the book, making for a playful visual on the final page.”
The More You Give by Marcy Campbell: “The story of a young boy and his grandmother showing what growing love can look like. Amazing story about love, loss, intergenerational relationships & community.”