This Month in Teen Books: February 2023

Reading recommendations for teens
February 13, 2023
YA remixes of classic literature are all the rage right now, and a fresh take on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde from Kalynn Bayron is the latest to make its way to library shelves.
My Dear Henry by Kalynn Bayron
London, 1885. Gabriel Utterson, a 17-year-old law clerk, has returned to London for the first time since his life― and that of his dearest friend, Henry Jekyll―was derailed by a scandal that led to his and Henry's expulsion from the London Medical School. Whispers about the true nature of Gabriel and Henry's relationship have followed the boys for two years, and now Gabriel has a chance to start again.
But Gabriel doesn't want to move on, not without Henry. His friend has become distant and cold since the disastrous events of the prior spring, and now his letters have stopped altogether. Desperate to discover what's become of him, Gabriel takes to watching the Jekyll house.
In doing so, Gabriel meets Hyde, a strangely familiar young man with white hair and a magnetic charisma. He claims to be friends with Henry, and Gabriel can't help but begin to grow jealous at their apparent closeness, especially as Henry continues to act like Gabriel means nothing to him.
But the secret behind Henry's apathy is only the first part of a deeper mystery that has begun to coalesce. Monsters of all kinds prowl within the London fog―and not all of them are out for blood...
What’s New This Month
Also on the way are highly anticipated sequels from Dhonielle Clayton and Dana Schwartz, alongside buzzworthy debuts from Patricia Park, Mae Coyiuto, Trang Thanh Tran, Jade Adia, Kate J. Armstrong, and Lyssa Mia Smith. Make sure not to miss a new short-story collection by Gen-Z authors about the new college-student experience, and new YA from authors like Nic Stone, Melissa De La Cruz, Gloria Chao, Yvonne Woon, and more.  
Trending for Teens
Wakanda Forever has finally become available for streaming on Disney+, which makes it a great time to revisit our list of readalikes.  
What We’re Reading
Here are some quotes from library staff about the books in the newest list of recommended picks:
Scattered Showers ed. by Rainbow Rowell: “Each one is so original and so good! What it's really like to camp out in line before a Star Wars premier was an insight into a whole new world.”
The Love Interest by Cale Dietrich: “Two gay spies crushing on each other, ordered to woo a genius girl. Whoever loses dies! What to do? Fast paced, entertaining, and sweet.”
The Astonishing Color of After by Emily X.R. Pan: “Leigh’s journey is complex and deeply moving.”
Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You by Jason Reynolds & Ibram X. Kendi: “Reynolds' tone is so smart and conversational that I think this has incredible appeal to teens, who don't like to be talked down to or talked at.”
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