This Month in Teen Books: September 2023

Reading recommendations for teens
September 15, 2023
Ryan La Sala, author of popular YA titles The Honeys and Reverie, has chilling and atmospheric new horror title for teens on the way to library shelves.
Beholder by Ryan La Sala
Athanasios “Athan” Bakirtzis has made it far in life relying on his charm and good looks, even securing an invitation to a mysterious penthouse soiree for New York City’s artsy elite. But when he sneaks off to the bathroom, he hears a slam, followed by a scream. Athan peers outside, only to be pushed back in by a boy his age. The boy gravely tells him not to open the door, then closes Athan in.
Outside the door, the party descends into chaos. Through hours of howls, laughter, and sobs, Athan stays hidden. When he finally emerges, he discovers a massacre where the corpses appear to have arranged themselves into a disturbingly elegant sculpture—and Athan’s mysterious savior is nowhere to be found. Athan—the only known survivor—is now the primary suspect.
In a race to prove his innocence, Athan is swept up in a supernatural mystery, one of secret occult societies and deadly eldritch horrors with rather distinctive taste. Something evil is waking up in the walls of New York City, and it’s compelling victims toward violence, chaos, and self-destruction. Bound to him by a mysterious hereditary power, Athan has felt this evil hiding behind his reflection his entire life, watching him. Waiting. Now, it’s taking over.
What’s New This Month
A number of intriguing short-story anthologies for readers who like bite-sized tales are also on the way, along with a romcom graphic novel by Faith Erin Hicks, and new books from authors like Brandy Colbert, Kendare Blake, Laura Taylor Namey, Pascale Lacelle, Shade Lapite, David Levithan, and more.  
What’s Hot This Month
Fall is almost upon us! If you’re looking for some autumnal YA to kick the season off, make sure to check these titles out.  
What We’re Reading
Here are some quotes from library staff about the books in the newest list of recommended picks:
Wolfpack by Amelia Brunskill: “I was unable to put it down, and I usually lean away from books with multiple points of view, but this one was so intoxicating I am giving the trope another try! I was fully surprised by how deep, poignant, and powerfully lyrical the book ended up being.”
Lakelore by Anna-Marie McLemore: “Amazing performance on the audiobook by Vico Ortiz of Our Flag Means Death!”
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