This Month in Kids Books: April 2024

Reading recommendations for kids
April 12, 2024
What We're Reading
Check out what library staff have to say about their latest recommended picks:

Ride On by: Faith Erin Hicks: “The author writes this book based on her own horse-girl experience and helps us realize that you can like different things—it’s okay!”
How to Count to 1 by Caspar Salmon, ill. by Matt Hunt: “Super cute for those kids learning to count to 100, because this is actually a book about counting to 1.”

What’s Hot This Month
Looking for a good space opera or star-spanning adventure? Make sure to check out these out-of-this-world reads for kids.  
Featured Title
The Door is Open: Stories of Celebration and Community by 11 Desi Voices ed. by Hena Khan
Discover stories of fear, triumph, and spectacular celebration in the fictional town of Maple Grove, New Jersey, where the local kids gather at the community center to discover new crushes, fight against ignorance, and even save a life. Cheer for Chaya as she wins chess tournaments (unlike Andrew, she knows sugary soda won't make you better at chess), and follow as Jeevan learns how to cook traditional food (it turns out he can cook sabji, he just can't eat it).

What’s New This Month
A treasure trove of new graphic novels is on the way, including the latest in the Baby-Sitters Little Sister, Emmie & Friends, Sweet Valley Twins, and The Last Comics on Earth series, along with a buzzworthy contemporary graphic novel about the love of baseball and graphic memoir about growing up with obsessive-compulsive disorder. The latest Magic Tree House book is also incoming, along with new books from authors like Traci Sorrell, Minh Lê, Lois Lowry, Stuart Gibbs, Kate DiCamillo, and more.  
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