This Month in Kids Books: February 2024

Reading recommendations for kids
February 20, 2024
Featured Title
Book cover with illustrations of a young black girl dancing on the beach with shadows of her ancestors behind her and the title “Jam, Too” is written in colorful text at the top.Jam, Too? by Janay Brown-Wood, illustrated by Jacqueline Alcántara
A drum circle is forming on the beach, and one fascinated child would love to join in. Soon there’s everything from a conga’s pat-a-pat-a, pat pat to some bongos’ taka taka, ta ta—and it looks like so much fun! But what do you do when you don’t have a drum? Well, when you let the music move you, you just might find other ways to jam, too!

What’s New This Month
New picture books featuring The Crayons and Pete the Kitty are also on the way. Also incoming are new entries in the Hilo, My Weirdtastic School, and Making Friends series, picture books about imaginary vegetables and cloud-gazing bunnies, and new books from authors like Kate DiCamillo, Andrea Wang, Saadia Faruqi, Erin Entrada Kelly, Lesa Cline-Ransom, Jennifer A. Nielsen, and more.  
What’s Hot This Month
Make sure to check out these titles that center Black joy for your February to be read pile.  
What We’re Reading
Here are some quotes from library staff about their latest recommended picks:

A is for Bee by Ellen Heck: “Alphabetical, cultural linguistic fun.”
Not He or She, I’m Me by A. M. Wild, ill. by Kay Yangni: “For the rainbow family, for the non-binary child, and for everyone comes a lovely illustrated book about a character who lives without gender, and experiences hobbies and school like other kids.”
Waking Ben Doldrums by Heather Smith, ill. by Byron Eggenschwiler: “Sweet and nuanced—helpful without being preachy, with good writing and fun illustrations.”
Before, Now by Daniel Salmieri: “I think this is a lovely book for adults and for helping a child understand that a parent was once a child as well, and shocker, so was a grandparent!”
Break by Kayla Miller: “I love this series, and the newest story breaks Olive away from her tight-knit group of friends and starts delving into her family life.”
To Dogs, With Love by Maria Gianferrari, ill. by Ishaa Lobo: “The best picture book I have read so far this year!”
For More Reading Suggestions: