Wi-Fi Printing

Printing from Wi-Fi in the Library.

Follow these steps.

  • Connect to Sacramento Public Library Wi-Fi with your laptop and accept our internet usage policy
  • Click the below link (PC or Mac) to download the wireless printing application and select Run to start the installation.*
Choose an option below to start your download:



*Please note: If printing from Windows you must be logged on to your laptop with administrator privileges.

  1. The application will download and install in the background. Once complete, there will be a minimized window on the taskbar. Click it and the program window appears. If the application is stopped or the computer is shut down the application will have to be reinstalled.
  2. When you print your document, select the Library Printer.
  3. After a few moments, a Print ID information window will appear. Create a Print ID and click OK. You will only be prompted for a Print ID the first time you print. Subsequent print jobs will use the same Print ID.
  4. The next screen will show how much your print job will cost. Click on OK and walk to the Print Management computer to release your print job. Each page costs 15 cents to print.
Have Questions?
How do I configure my laptop to access Wi-Fi?

When you open your browser, in most cases your laptop computer will automatically detect the connection. If your device does not immediately connect, we suggest you try the following settings:
SSID or NETWORK NAME: Sacramento Public Library
WEP: Disabled
IP or NETWORK SETTINGS: DHCP enabled -or- obtain IP address automatically
DNS: Obtain DNS automatically
GATEWAY: Your card should detect it automatically
NETWORK MODE: Infrastructure -or- Access point

Is wireless internet filtered?

Wi-Fi access at all Sacramento Public Library locations is filtered.

Is there a charge for using the Wi-Fi?

No, there is no charge to connect to wireless access at the library.

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