Prom Drive

Help local teens get to prom.

Reports in recent years (we’re looking at you Visa) prove that teens are getting priced out of prom. We can’t manifest Kevin Bacon or Kenny Wormald to save local teens from a Bomont-fate, but we can make sure that they hit the dance floor in style.

  • Gently used formal wear for her, him and them
  • Dresses, suits, shoes, accessories and other attire
  • More than 15 shopping days available starting Feb. 28

Donate your gently used dresses, suits, shoes, accessories and other formal attire to any Library branch before March 31.

Teens age 13-19 can shop on designated giveaway days through late April.
Have Questions?
Do we have to bring the formal wear back to the Library?

No. You are more than welcome to so that another teen can attend their prom, but the item is yours to keep.

Are there changing rooms to try on the formal wear?

Privacy is limited so we ask that you wear under-clothing (undershirts, sports bras, leotards, etc.) that will make it easy for you to change. Do not wear makeup when trying on items. It can get on the clothes and we don't have a dry-cleaning budget for our line of formal wear.

Can parents shop from the Library’s selection?

Yes, but their teen(s) need to be present as they are the only ones who can take pieces home.

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