I Street Press

Publish your book with us.

I Street Press is an in-library printing press waiting for you to print your own masterpiece, whether it’s a novel, how-to, family or community history, cookbook, memoir, journal, course materials or a conference handbook — the only limit is your imagination.

  • Indistinguishable from those published by major publishing houses
  • Paperback edition of your book with a full-color satin cover
  • Print on-demand with no minimum number of copies to order
For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call 916-264-2777 or email istreet@saclibrary.org.

Tier 1
Print-ready files provided by the customer. One time set-up fee of $25; revisions are $10 each. Proof copies are $4 plus 2.5 cents per page. Book and page pricing applied for extra copies (see below). A la carte services are not available with Tier 1.

Tier 2
Press staff provide one-hour of publishing services. One time set-up fee of $99. One proof and one revision copy provided. Book and page pricing applied for extra copies (see below). A la carte services available only with Tier 2.

A La Carte
Revisions after the first included in Tier 2 are $10 each. ISBN and barcode are $25 each. LCCN is $25 plus the cost of one book and postage. Copyright registration is $45.00 for a single author and $65.00 for two or more, plus the cost of postage for two books. Postage for one book is $4.00. Basic simple cover and spine construction is $25 per half hour with a one-hour maximum.
Have Questions?
Does the Library retain any ownership rights?

You retain all rights to your printed work, along with complete control over layout, content and design. You set the book’s price and keep the profits. There are no hidden costs.

How long will it take to print my book(s)?

We print proof copies while the customer waits, if possible. Orders of multiple copies will have at least a 48 hour turn-around time, depending how large the order. Orders of more than 50 books could take up to a week. Printing more than 200 copies may take up to a month.

How much does it cost?

Whether 10 or 700 pages, there is a $4 charge per book and 2.5 cents per page. This pricing is in effect for books sized at 5X6 to 8X10. All pages are counted toward the cost, including blank pages. A page is one side of the printed sheet. Each sheet of paper is two pages.

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