Summer Reading

Read for Sacramento kids.

Half of Sacramento 3rd-graders aren’t able to read at grade level. We’re working to change that by challenging all of Sacramento to read a total of 650,000 books this summer. Join the Summer Reading Challenge and lead by example.

  • Sign-up at any time starting May 15
  • Log everything you read and Summer Reading activities* through August 15
  • Kids and teens receive a book for reading five — and everyone can win prizes!

Pre-Readers (0-5)
Children start learning from the second they’re born. Reading to your child is one of the best ways to lay the foundation for school success and lifelong learning.

Kids (5-12)
Help kids beat the summer slide — the loss of academic skill when school is out — by making it exciting to read in the summer too. We’ll reward their accomplishments at the Library with medals and a chance to win prizes.

Teens (13-18)
All reading is good reading and summer is the time for teens to pick up whatever they want to read — comic books, graphic novels, YA or the next popular series — without the assignments, just for fun.

Adults (18+)
Kids watch adults and often mimic what they do. By modeling reading, adults encourage children to read. Read to support local kids or to get your kids reading too. 

*Summer Reading activity sheets are available at any Library branch. You can also find activities that are part of the challenge as part of your Summer Reading account.
Have Questions?
How do I sign up for Summer Reading?

Starting May 15, create an account for yourself or your child based on their age group. All you need to provide is your name, age, Library branch, and the grade you’re in and which school you attend (if applicable). If you’ve been a summer reader before, simply log into your previous account.

Do I get a new book every time I read five? When do kids win medals and prizes?

Book prizes are provided for the first five books you read. Medals are available at your local library beginning on July 1 and provided after you earn 2,500 points by reading or completing activities from provided activity sheets. Each book and activity is worth 100 points.

What more can I do to raise awareness for Sacramento County reading scores?

Promote your favorite programs and services at the Library. We provide early learning programs and services that help kids learn to read, which in turn helps them read to learn — before and during their school years. By connecting kids with the Library, we can better help them reach their full potential.  

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