Homework Help

A student’s best homework strategy.

Stop by the Homework Zone at the Library and we’ll help you out. We’ve survived it all — words, equations, science, history and more — and are ready to lead you through it.

  • Tutors and volunteers to help you conquer what seems like the worst of it
  • Resources that rival the knowledge of all of your teachers combined*    
  • Friendly faces that leave you wishing you could take your homework coach to school with you

Homework Resources
Your brain will hurt when you see the list of resources we have available to make you more knowledgeable than the moment before. Enter slowly. At first, it can be a lot like an ice cream headache. 

Coaches & Online Tutors 
The offerings are simple — students in grades K-8 can work with one of our trained volunteer homework coaches in the library (see schedule below) or students of any grade can work directly with an online tutor from 1-11 p.m., any day of the week. Both options cover all subject areas. Choose which one will work best for you.
Have Questions?
Do I have to make an appointment?

No. Our homework coaches are available at the times provided. All you have to do is stop by the library. Online tutors are also available at any time during the timeframe provided.

What is a homework coach?

Homework coaches are specially trained library volunteers who work with kids to help them develop lifelong study skills.

What do coaches and tutors do?

We help you do your homework. We don’t solve the problems for you and we don’t write your papers, but we’ll answer every question you have from beginning to end.

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*Not backed by research. Said in jest and backed by hyperbole. Look it up.