Study Room Policy

Policy Regulations
In keeping with its mission to provide open access to diverse resources and ideas that inspire learning, promote reading, and enhance community life, the Sacramento Public Library Authority permits members of the public to use library facilities, in accordance with federal and state laws and this policy, when those facilities are not in use for library purposes, library-sponsored activities and Friends of the Sacramento Public Library activities.

  • The Sacramento Public Library Authority makes library facilities available on an equitable basis, regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of groups or individuals requesting their use.  
  • Permission to use Library facilities is not endorsement or sponsorship of any group, individual, organization or event.
  • The Library shall not be held liable for any injury sustained or damage done that is related to the use/misuse of equipment or Library facilities.
  • Failure to comply with the terms of this policy may result in a forfeiture of meeting room privileges as determined by the Library Director or appointee.
  • The Library endorses the American Library Association “Meeting Rooms: An Interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights.”
  • SPLA reserves the right to change this policy at any time.

Permissible Uses of Study Rooms

  • Library facilities may only be reserved for civic, cultural, educational, intellectual, charitable, working group collaboration or for quiet studying purposes and may not be used for commercial purposes.
    • Excluded are activities and communications engaged in or carried on to aid or facilitate the present or future generation of business revenues, including the selling, offering for sale, and solicitation for future delivery or performance of any product, campaign or service. Also excluded are requesting donations and informational or educational events related to the business activities of the user and non-profit.
    • Exception: Presenters may sell their works to attendees during SPL sponsored events with prior approval. Friends of the Sacramento Public Library may fundraise and receive donations. 
  • Customers may not disturb regular Library functions/business.
  • No admission fees may be administered.

Study Room Guidelines
Study rooms are not available at every branch. Guidelines for use are as follows: 

  • Study rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis
    • Exception: Study rooms can be reserved in advance be reserved for library or partner related programs
  • Study rooms should be used for small groups or individuals
  • Study rooms are available for one-hour use
  • Groups or individuals can use the space once per day
  • If there is no one in the room or waiting, an individual or group may extend their time in the study room
  • The Library does not maintain a waiting list
  • Library staff will only allow the reservation holder to access the room.
  • Users are required to leave the room in the same condition in which it was accepted, and to return chairs and tables to their original arrangement (see diagram on facility wall).
  • Study room technology and furniture varies widely. Not all study rooms have access to power outlets.

  • There are no rental fees.
  • The study room and surrounding area must be left in the same condition it was prior to the meeting.  If special cleaning or re-arranging of the study room is needed for any reason, the user responsible for the reservation may be charged a minimum cleaning charge of $50. Damaged items will be assessed at cost of replacement.
Customer and Facility Rules
  • Literature may be distributed during the meeting, but commercial advertising, including but not limited to, coupons and testimonials, will not be permitted.
  • Food is permitted during a meeting but no cooking facilities are available. The sponsoring organization is responsible for cleanup and must bring its own supplies (coffee cups, napkins, etc).
  • The consumption of alcoholic beverages in the Library or on Library property is prohibited.
  • Taping, stapling or tacking of materials to the walls or other furnishings is prohibited.
  • Use of any kind of equipment, including electronic equipment, not supplied by the Library is prohibited, without the prior written approval of the Library Director or the Assistant Director.
  • The Library, including all meeting rooms, is a smoke free environment.
  • Guns, weapons, or guard dogs are not allowed in the Library or on Library property.  Governmental law enforcement officers are exempt; private security guards are not exempt.
  • Study room capacity is indicated in Attachment A. The supervising organization and responsible adult(s) shall ensure strict compliance with capacity limits and/or Fire Department occupancy regulations.
  • No tipping or other payment or compensation to Library personnel is permitted.
  • Reasonable care should be exercised in the use of library property.
  • All users will hold harmless the library from and against any loss, damage, liability, claim or demand caused in whole or in party by the negligent acts or omissions of the user.
  • To use the Library’s property only for lawful purposes and in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, or ordinances.
  • The Library shall not be responsible for any personal injuries or property loss during use.
  • No excessive noise – noise level shall not disturb regular library activities of reading, studying and quiet contemplation nor shall it disturb residential neighbors.
  • No use of open flame, candles, or other devices that may cause fire or smoke.
  • Groups must keep all emergency exits clear during the use of the facility.
  • All customers must read, understand and sign an agreement before use a meeting room.

Related to study room use:  
 Study Room Availability by Branch
Library Location Study Room Spaces Maximum Occupancy
Arcade Library No -
Arden-Dimick Library No -
Belle Cooledge Library No -
Carmichael Library No -
Central Library No -
Colonial Heights Library 2 6
Del Paso Heights Library No -
Elk Grove Library 1 4
Ella K. McClatchy Library No -
Fair Oaks Library No -
Franklin Library No -
Galt-Marian O. Lawrence Library No -
Isleton Library No -
Martin Luther King, Jr. Library No -
McKinley Library No -
Nonie Wetzel Courtland Library No -
North Highlands-Antelope Library No -
North Natomas Library 4 3, 3, 6 and 4
North Sacramento-Hagginwood Library No -
Orangevale Library 2 4
Rancho Cordova Library No -
Rio Linda Library No -
Robbie Waters Pocket-Greenhaven Library 2 4 and 5
South Natomas Library 1 4
Southgate Library No -
Sylvan Oaks Library 2 -
Valley Hi-North Laguna Library 2 5
Walnut Grove No -